Refrigerated trucking, also known as reefer carriers, plays a vital role in cold supply chains, enabling the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods from one place to another. These specialized refrigerated trucking companies have the necessary expertise and equipment to handle the transportation of goods that require precise temperature control.

Refrigerated trucking companies are equipped with built-in cooling systems crucial to maintaining and preserving the quality and freshness of the goods. Refrigerated trucks are specially designed to keep a wide range of products at specific temperatures like pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.

Without these trucks, the global economy and supply chains would come to a halt. 

List of Top 10 Refrigerated Trucking Companies

The advent of refrigerated trucking companies has had a transformative impact on the transportation industry, enabling safe and secure transport of a vast array of goods. These goods range from frozen food and life-saving medicines to fine arts. Their ability to maintain a precise temperature range throughout the journey completely changes how we transport and distribute perishable goods. 

If you are in need of transporting large or small volumes of goods with the help of refrigerated trucking companies, you may want to explore the following 10 largest refrigerated trucking companies in the USA:

1. Prime Inc.

Did you know that Prime Inc. is the biggest refrigerated trucking company in the US?

According to recent data, In 2023, they raked in approximately $2.9 billion in revenue. They’ve got an impressive fleet of 7,500 trucks and 12500 temperature-controlled trailers. 

These people specialize in moving perishable goods that need extra chill, but they are not limited to just that; their fleets are able to handle everything from liquids to solid goods, and they are even into transporting sturdy materials and related stuff.

2. Swift Transport

Swift Transport is Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with operations spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They Bring in $1.9 billion in revenue as of 2023. They have quite a significant workforce, over 10,000 dedicated employees.

What makes Swift Refrigerated stand out? Is its commitment to preserving products like fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, or any temperature-sensitive cargo. Swift massive fleets operate around the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to make sure that these goods maintain stable conditions from the pickup point to their final destination.

3. Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport is making some serious moves in the trucking industry. They’ve got a nationwide reach, and they make accuracy a priority. They also have this incredible telematic system in their refrigerated trucks that keeps a close eye on temperatures to ensure everything stays just right. In addition to that, they’ve got an alert system and satellite communication in place to keep on top of things.

You know they were doing something extraordinary when they snagged the American Trucking Associations President’s Award, and they are one of the top 100 trucking companies in the whole country with $500 million in revenue and a team of 3000+ employees.

4. Stevens Transport

Steven Transportation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but available nationwide, is no ordinary carrier- they’re a top-tier player in the industry with over $737.3 million in revenue and a dedicated team of 1200+ employees; they’ve earned their spot among the largest refrigerated trucking companies.

What sets them apart? Their stellar reputation for responsiveness and top-notch service. They specialize in transporting fresh produce, protein, and other refrigerated or time-sensitive goods, making them a go-to choice for all your temperature-sensitive shipping needs.

5. Hirschbach Motor Lines

Hirschabach, based in Dubuque, Iowa, serves the eastern U.S. with top-notch refrigerated trucking services. They specialize in yard management, cold storage, and warehousing, and their expertise in handling temperature-sensitive freight means they have a low turnover rate. Despite having a smaller team of around 700 employees, Hirschabh stands out as one of the most profitable companies in the industry. 

They excel at shipping a wide range of refrigerated goods, including non-traditional trucking needs, providing fast and dependable service across 48 states. With a revenue of $533 million, Hirschabh proves that size is not everything when it comes to success in the refrigerated trucking business.

6. KLLM Transport Services

If you Look at KLLM Transport Services, they’re based in Richland, Mississippi, and operate across all 48 states. They’ve got a revenue of $936 million and a workforce ranging from 1,001 to 5,000 employees. Now, what sets them apart is their top-notch temperature-controlled services.

Whether you need over-the-road, regional, or dedicated transport, they are open to offer their services. One impressive thing about KLLM is that they have a remarkable 98% on-time delivery rate, which is especially crucial when handling HazMat and chemical transport. 

7. CR England

C.R England is one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies in the world of refrigerated trucking. They are based right in Salt Lake City, Utah. They’re not just offering typical trucking services, though-they’re specialized in handling refrigerated goods.

In 2023, they’ve been ranking in a hefty $ 1.48 billion in revenue. And when it comes to their team, they’ve got a big one, with anywhere from 5,001 to 10,000 employees. They specialize in moving stuff like food and drinks, and they don’t just stick to the U.S. either; they also make their way down to Mexico. 

8. John Christner Trucking 

Let’s talk about John Christner Trucking! They are the largest Refrigerated Trucking company based in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, with their impressive operation in 48 states. They’re all about refrigerated trucking, and they’re really good at it. In fact, they’ve ranked in approximately $350 million in revenue as of 2023

They’ve got a large number of employees, somewhere between 600 to 1,200 folks, working hard to keep those wheels turning. What sets them apart is their focus on energy-efficient and lightweight deliveries. One of their superpowers is reducing idle time, which means they get stuff done quicker and smoother.

9. Marten Transport 

Marten Transport offers temperature-sensitive transportation services all across the United States and Canada. They specialize in Truckload and irregular route options and are headquartered in Mondovi, Wisconsin. With a whopping revenue of $874 million and a dedicated team of 1,001 to 5,000 employees, they’ve made a big name in the industry.

What’s noteworthy about Marten Transport is their bilingual expertise in refrigerated trucking, offering extensive international shipping solutions in North America. But here’s the kicker-they boast an impressive fleet of 3000+ trucks, all up-to-date and ready to roll. These wheels cover an astonishing average of 331 million miles every year.

 10. TransAm Trucking 

Here’s the scoop: they’re headquartered in Olathe, KS, and their services span the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. They specialize in transporting temperature-sensitive produce, and they’ve got a workforce ranging from 1,001 to 5,000 employees.

In case you’re wondering about their annual revenue, they stand tall at $297 million. TransAm Trucking delivers safe, temperature-controlled transportation and top-notch customer service with its cutting-edge technology and real-time equipment monitoring. 

Best Paying Refrigerated Trucking Companies in the USA

If you are looking for the best-paying refrigerated trucking companies in 2023. You can find our well-researched list of the highest-paying trucking companies for reefer truck drivers. In today’s economic climate, where inflation is on the rise and the pool of truck drivers is dwindling, it’s more important than ever to have access to the latest information on the best-paying trucking companies.

But that’s not all; there are a variety of factors that can affect a truck driver’s salary and compensation in the United States, including location, the size of their loads, their experience level, and any relevant license endorsements.

1. Swift Transportation 

Truck Drivers at Central Reefer at Swift Transport can Expect to earn an estimated pay range of $60,000 to $75,000 annually. However, specialized refrigerated services may offer higher wages. The estimated average total pay for a specialized reefer driver is $69,869 per year, which factors in bonuses, overtime pay, and other forms of compensation. 

2. Prime Inc. 

Prime Inc. Pays their drivers an estimated annual salary of $50,000 to $70,000, and that’s not all; their average weekly pay is somewhere around $3636. If you want to work with them on a contractual basis, they typically offer their refrigerated truck drivers .46 CPM (Cent per mile).

3. Marten Transport 

The pay Scale for Marten Transport drivers can vary depending on the position and experience level. On average, refrigerated truckers can earn anywhere between $60,000 to $85,000 annually. For the new drivers or the drivers with little experience, they pay around $23 per hour, while for those in the position of a Class A Truck driver, the hourly pay can go up to $36 per hour. That positions Marten Transport in our list of best-paying refrigerated trucking companies in the USA.

4. C.R. England 

According to recent estimates, the average annual salary for a reefer truck driver at CR England is around $61955. The majority of refrigerated truck drivers at CR England earn between $45,347 and $69,575 annually, which can be influenced by factors such as bonus incentives, overtime pay, and benefits packages. It is worth noting that compensation packages may differ based on individual qualifications and specific positions held within the company.

5. Stevens Transport 

If you are a new driver and looking for a promising career in trucking, Steven Transport may be just what you are looking for. With opportunities, benefits, and competitive pay, new drivers at Stevens Transport can earn up to $70,000 in their first year alone. In fact, the estimated average total income for reefer truckers is $66,780 per year, which includes base pay, bonuses, and other incentives.

6. Roehl Transport  

According to recently available data, the average annual pay for a Roehl Transport Truck Driver in the United States ranges from $63,577 to $72,400, which can vary because of experience and location. It is worth noting that Roehl Transport has a reputation for offering competitive pay and benefits to its drivers.

7. KLLM Transport Services  

If you are looking for a career in moving temperature-controlled goods, In KLLM, you can expect to earn an average between $52,000 to $79000 per year, depending upon the level of experience. This particular type of driving involves detailed orientation and the capability of maintaining a strict temperature control environment. All this can only be done by timely and prompt delivery of goods.

8. Crete Carrier

In 1974, this Nebraska-based trucking company expanded its operations by acquiring Shaffer Trucking, and five years later, it expanded its refrigerated division by acquiring Sunflower Carrier. Both acquired carriers were refrigerated trucking companies. The Average salary they offer is $61,578 per year, with better opportunities for growth and advancement within the company.

9. Bay & Bay Transportation 

Based on our analysis, this Minnesota-based trucking company offers a range between $56,874 to $75,400 annually to its refrigerated truck drivers. The final salary offer may depend on the candidate’s qualifications and experience as well as the salary negotiations. Nonetheless, this salary range can help you have an idea of what to expect.

10. John Christner Trucking   

In 1986, with just 2 trucks, John Christner launched JCT in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The refrigerated division of JCT offers annual pay ranging from $55,000 to & $75,000, averaging around $69,158 per year. To understand it, on an hourly basis, they pay roughly $33 per hour. These numbers offer a glimpse into the potential earnings for this exciting role.

11. Freymiller Inc.  

On Average, Freymiller pays its truck drivers a salary of $49,001 per year. On the other hand, experienced reefer drivers have the potential to earn a higher average of $85,000 per year, depending on top miles and other factors. The projected hourly pay in Freymiller Inc. is $26.55, including bonuses and other incentives. Frey Miller is well known for driver safety and excellent working conditions.

12. TransAm Trucking  

Reefer drivers working in TransAm Trucking can expect to earn an annual salary ranging between $40,000 to $70,000. At TransAM, the average yearly salary is around $53,319 or $25.63. The top 10% of the drivers earn over $97000 annually.

13. Covenant Transport 

In Covenant Transportation, Truck drivers can expect to earn an annual pay range between $40,000 and $65,000, with the average salary being approximately $60,962. These estimates provide a general idea of the earning potential working for covenant transportation truck drivers.

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