LTL trucking company covers loads between 150 and 15,000 pounds and allows for the combination of freight from multiple companies onto one truck. This approach allows smaller shippers to use truck transport when they can’t otherwise fill a semi-trailer, though co-mingling of products can sometimes cause issues.

List of Top 10 LTL Trucking Companies

In this blog we have mentioned details about the top LTL carriers in the USA. These LTL trucking companies usually don’t fill the whole truck with one person or one company. Rather they combine different stuff from different companies onto one truck:

1. FedEx Freight 

FedEx has earned a solid reputation as a reliable LTL carrier. Their user-friendly website and intelligent app set them apart and make their shipping a breeze. Their extensive range of services includes ocean freight forwarding, international express delivery in 1-5 days, and expedited and specialized freight shipping.

One of their noteworthy features includes international air freight shipping and their Freight International services (FIS). They are best known for handling large volume less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments and expedited shipping. They closely monitor the LTL shipments to Mexico and Canada, and you can import export shipments to up to 130 countries and territories with FedEx.

2. Yellow Corp (YRC)

YRC is an LTL expert and has an expansive portfolio of specialized LTL freight and expedited shipping services. They offer a range of services, including specialized equipment, white-glove handling and reverse logistics.

Notably, their specialized equipment ensures a wide variety of shipping needs can be met, while their white-glove service goes the extra mile by delivering fragile goods, unpacking and even assembling them. In addition to that, they also simplify and take care of the entire return process.

3. XPO Logistics 

Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, was founded in 2011. Their services extend across the United states, Canada, Mexico and even the Caribbean. To support their vast operations, they have 13,000+ drivers and a fleet of more than 38000 tractors and trailers.

One significant milestone in their growth was the acquisition of Conway for $3 Billion. This strategic move helped XPO expand its LTL operations significantly in North America. They later decided to sell conway’s truckload operations to TFI. 

4. Old Dominion 

Old Dominion, based in Thomasville, North Carolina, has been around since 1934. They are specialists in regional, inter-regional and National less-than-truckload shipping and also provide logistics and household moving services.

Old Dominion has been recognized as the #1 National LTL Carrier by Mastio & Company for 13 consecutive years. So whether it’s domestic LTL, Truckload, expedited or global shipping, they have the expertise and experience to get the job done.

5. Estes Express Lines 

Estes, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1931. With a workforce exceeding 20,000 employees, a fleet boasting more than 65,00 tractors and over 30,000 trailers, and a network of over 250 terminals, Ester proudly holds the distinction of being the largest privately held less-than-truckload (LTL) company in the United States. 

In fact, they have grown to become the largest privately-held freight company in North America and rank as the fifth-largest LTL carrier in the nation. Ester is renowned for its dependable freight shipping solutions, offering comprehensive coverage across all 50 states, including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

6. Saia 

Saia, a prominent less-than-truckload (LTL) trucking company, is headquartered in Johns Creek, Georgia, where it was founded back in 1924. With a rich history spanning almost a century, Saia has grown to become a major player in the transportation industry. They operate an extensive network of 190+ terminals throughout the country, allowing them to provide direct services to customers in up to 48 states

Boasting a dedicated team of over 12,000 employees nationwide, Saia specializes in LTL shipping, non-asset truckload services, and third-party logistics. Their commitment to efficient and reliable transportation solutions has solidified their position as a key player in the market.

7. R+L Carriers 

R+L Carriers, the impressive LTL carrier based in Wilmington, OH, since 1965. Starting with just one truck, they’ve become a massive fleet of 21,000+ tractors and trailers, covering all 48 adjacent states and Canada, too! 

These Carriers offer various services to meet your needs to move goods across the country or just down the street, including Dedicated, Specialized, and Cross-Border LTL services within the United States. 

8. ABF Inc.

ABF Freight System, Inc., a nationwide less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier and a subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation, has quite a rich history. It all started back in 1923 when it was founded in Arkansas. Today, ABF boasts an impressive fleet with over 7,000 drivers, 4,000 tractors, and a whopping 22,000 trailers.

Moreover, they’ve cultivated partnerships with 125 LTL carriers, demonstrating their extensive network and commitment to efficient freight transportation across the country.

9. TFI International 

TFI International Inc., a Canadian trucking company, provides transportation and logistics services throughout North America, specifically in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They offer services like Less-than-truckload (LTL), Truckload, logistics, and even handle small packages. 

An interesting development in their history in January 2021, TFI International acquired UPS Freight, solidifying its presence and capabilities in the industry. This move undoubtedly expanded their reach and enhanced their ability to serve customers with comprehensive shipping solutions across North America

10. Southeastern Freight Lines 

Southeast Freight Line is a privately-owned regional less-than-truckload transportation services provider that serves primarily in the Southeast and Southwestern regions of the United States, with a privately held LTL carrier.

Moving Reefers – Best Refrigerated LTL trucking Companies

Technically, Refrigerated (or reefer) LTL is a specialized form of freight transportation that involves the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods, such as food items, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, in smaller quantities that do not require full truckload.

Refrigerated trucks equipped with cooling systems that are capable of maintaining specific temperature ranges, ensuring that the goods remain fresh and intact throughout the journey. 

We have gathered some names that are operating as leading Refrigerated LTL trucking Companies:

1. Prime, Inc.

Prime is based in Springfield, Missouri known for the largest refrigerated transport fleet in North America. Their fleet consists of trailers, all remotely monitored. Their fleet consists of over 6100 trucks and more than 12000 temperature-controlled trailers, all remotely monitored.

With their expertise in reefer trucking, tanker and flatbed trucking services, they have also established themselves as one of the leading logistics providers worldwide and majorly provide services in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

2. WestCoast Carriers

They provide customizable LTL refrigerated trucking services in climate-controlled trailers to transport fresh produce or frozen. Their cargo dimensions are tailored to meet the exact space requirements of your cargo.

They employ adjustable and movable insulated bulkheads for produce, frozen and liquid products. Their e-track system allows multiple temperature-controlled zones, each with its own climate, meaning in the same trailer, you can transport frozen goods, chilled goods and dry goods, each within their specific and steady climate.

3. Marten Transport Ltd.

Marten Transport Ltd. is a transportation company based in Mondovi, WI. They specialize in transporting refrigerated goods. They have a spotless service record and have been in the business of shipping refrigerated products for decades. They also got the award of safety provider from Truckload Carriers Association Safety consecutively from 1997 to 2001.

Toady Marten Transport operates over 18 locations and has over 4575 employees and contractors. Their trucking services include LTL services, Regional truckload trucking services, and intermodal and logistic services.

4. Stevens Transport

For several years, Steven Transport has been known as an LTL reefer trucking company. Their headquarters is in Texas, and has a fleet of over 2000 trucks. They also have an exceptional safety record and offer one of the best truck driver training programs available.  

Steven Transport is known for reliability and consistency as they have zero to few layoffs in history. They offer various refrigerator carrier services such as refrigerated food and meat, hazardous materials, general freight and cold storage commodities.

5. KLLM Transport Services

KLLM is considered one of the top Refrigerated LTL trucking Companies in the USA and is widely recognized and respected for its high customer service standards. 

They have the most diverse refrigerated shippers in the industry, operating over 2300 trucks. Their comprehensive range of services includes Intermodal Transport, Logistics, dedicated, regional, and OTR, specifically transporting HazMat? Chemical products and raw materials.

6. Great Western Transportation

When it comes to refrigerated trucking, this company is one of the top providers in the United States and well renowned in Canada as well. They offer the latest trailers and industry experts to handle both LTL and FTL shipments.

Their 53-foot trailers are designed to handle mixed-temperature shipments with the maximum cube and bulkhead capacity. You can specify the temperature you need for your goods, and they can transport them at temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. C.R. England

CR England is a reputable LTL reefer trucking company that has been providing reliable transportation services in the United States since 1920. They have the latest technology and offer exceptional customer service and communication among various parties.

CR England offers a wide range of services, including dedicated rail, long-haul and short-distance trucking, as well as in Mexico shipment, specifically transporting meat beverages and chemicals.

Ranking The Best LTL Flatbed Trucking Companies in 2023

LTL Flatbed Trucking refers to the moving of goods on Flatbed trailers in Less-than-truckload shipping arrangements. Let’s break it down.

Flatbeds are known as trailers with an open and flat deck, typically without sides or a roof. They are usually used for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo that can’t fit enclosed trailers. In a flatbed, you can do unloading and loading from the sides, top or rear.

So, LTL Flatbed trucking is the combination of flatbed trailers with LTL shipping. It means that the cargo being transported on the flatbed is not enough to fill the entire trailer. Multiple shipments from different ships can be loaded onto the same flatbed trailer, optimizing space and cost-effectively.

Here are some examples of top LTL Flatbed Trucking Companies in the USA:

1. Landstar System Inc.

Landstar has been a well-known player in the trucking industry since 1968, located in Sunny Jacksonville, Florida, and it is ready to serve nationwide with a fleet of 13,000+ trailers. They offer a wide array of shipping solutions, with notable expertise in LTL Flatbed services. They have got the inside track on the industry-leading LTL capacity provider. 

When it comes to specialized pieces of equipment, they have got all-think flatbeds, step decks, double drops, extendable RGN Units, blade trailers and lowboys with 40 to 80-ton capacity.

2. CRST Transportation Solution

CRST has been in the Industry Since 1955, and it is enough to get an idea about their experience in the transportation business. Their headquarters is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

They offer a wide range of shipping services, but they specialize in Less-than-Truckloads (LTL) flatbeds, specialized heavy haul and dry vans. In addition to that, they also offer services for warehousing and storage. When it comes to the pieces of equipment and fleets, they have 7300 flatbed trailers and 4500+ tractors, which are not just basic flatbeds; they are also specialized in step-decks and side kits.

3. West Coast Carriers

The West Coast Carriers Flatbed Trucking division has partnered with major steel distributors and industrial companies to provide flatbed shipping services.

Their skilled truckers are equipped with 8ft drop tarps, straps and chains to keep the goods safe during the transit. They specialize in Flatbed trucking, Flatbed LTL and stop deck transport to meet specifically the flatbed shipping needs. They have a lot of positive reviews for their exceptional services and ensuring goods shipment safely and on time.

4. Great Western Transportation

Great Western Transportation provides flatbed truck freight transport services available for both short and long-haul trips and majorly covers states such as C.A., Texas, Illinois, and Florida. On top of that, they offer delivery from U.S. points to Canada delivery points, as well as pick-up from Canada to U.S. delivery.

They offer less-than-truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) services throughout the United States and from the U.S. to Canada as well.

5. Averitt Express 

They are well-equipped to provide a broad range of freight and logistics services, including LTL flatbed services. They have a variety of tools available for securing your flatbed freight, including industrial- strength and tarping. They have a large network of vetted and trusted partners and have an in-house customs clearance team to make processes seamless across the borders with Canada and Mexico.

6. Doss LTL Flatbed

Doss Covers 5 states: Arizona, CA, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and handles over 70000 shipments every year. They are specialists in LTL carriers, and their delivery on-time success rate is 95%. They stand out because of their versatile equipment types, not limited to the flatbeds, but have all sorts of equipment to accommodate any type of LTL delivery.

7. YRC Freight 

They’re part of the FreightCenter network and have been around since 1924. They are the old professionals, especially when it comes to LTL shipping. They specialize in LTL flatbed, truckload, intermodal shipping and cross-border services options. If your business doesn’t always need a whole truck to move your stuff, their LTL services can be cost-effective. 

8. Stein Transportation

They are experts in handling and coordinating LTL shipments. They offer both LTL flatbed and LTL dry van trucking to cater to your specific needs, even if you have a single pallet to ship or half of a truckload. They ship your partial loads across the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

Highest Paying LTL Trucking Companies You Should Know

If you are curious about how much an LTL driver makes, we have got some insider info for you. The estimated total pay for the LTL driver is approximately $ 71,500 per year in the United States, and the average is around $67000 per year. Additional pay is a sweet $4546 per year. The extra cash could come in the form of commissions, tips or bonuses. These numbers are collected from different drivers and surveyed on the internet by different users.

We will now provide you with information about the best-paying LTL trucking companies:

1. ABF Transportation

If you work as an ABF driver, you can expect to earn an average of $33 per hour, along with 100% company-paid health insurance for yourself and your family. Additionally, you will have access to several other benefits to help you plan for your future effectively. 

These benefits include paid holidays, personal days, and sick leave, a full pension plan with no cost to you, life insurance provided at no cost, and a profit-sharing program that includes a company stock purchase option. 

2. UPS Transportation

UPS makes its place in our Best Paying LTL trucking Companies because Less Than Truckload (LTL) drivers earn an average of $95,000 annually plus benefits that vary and can be up to $50,000 annually, according to the company. They also receive a health and welfare package that includes medical, dental and vision.

3. Estes Express

Drivers working for Estes can earn approximately $75,000 a year on average. Other benefits include Competitive Weekly Pay. Health Insurance and Wellbeing Benefits. Awards and Bonus Potential. Paid Time Off. Career Advancement.

4. FedEx Freight

On average, an LTL Driver at FedEx Freight earns a total pay of $69,013 per year. Full-time and part-time employees of FEDEX are provided with medical, dental, and vision insurance plans. They are also eligible for paid personal, sick, and vacation time. Above all reasons position FedEx in the list of highest paying LTL trucking companies in the USA.

5. Ashley Distribution 

Ashley Distribution Service offers an average annual salary of $65,753. They provide retirement benefits, profit sharing, bonuses, weekends at home, vacation time, and health insurance. 

With all of these benefits and perks, Ashley Distribution Services is a top employer in the industry, and employees can feel confident that they are being well taken care of.

6. Old Dominion Freight 

Old Dominion is one of the best paying LTL trucking Companies in the USA. Now hiring new drivers with average annual pay ranging from $67,333 for pickup and delivery drivers to $99,000 for line haul drivers. Additionally, the company is offering a $5,000 sign-on bonus to qualified Class A CDL holders.

7. XPO Logistics

XPO is currently offering a competitive hourly rate of $36, which includes a comprehensive benefits package from day one of training. The package comprises full medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) plan for retirement savings and life insurance to secure the future of their employees. 

8. Yellow Freight

According to our research, Yellow Freight pays an average of $33 per hour to its LTL drivers. They offer health insurance programs to both full-time and part-time drivers. These programs provide coverage for medical, dental, and vision expenses, as well as life insurance and disability benefits. Yellow Freight also provides 401(k) retirement plans and paid time off for its employees.

Some Pros and Cons of LTL Trucking


Flexible Shipments: LTL is versatile; you can haul anything from a single box to a full pallet.

City Driving: You can stay within the boundaries of the city, navigating through the streets rather than just long stretches of highway all day.

Linehaul options: If you don’t mind the freeways, some gigs involve pulling double or even triple trailers, which is a good thing and a bit more challenging.

Home Sweet Home: One of the best parts of working in LTL trucking companies is that you are usually home every day, so you can catch up on your favorite shows or spend more time with your family.

Better Pay: The compensation is generally better than some other trucking options.


Long Working Hours: While you get to be home every day, you will be clocking in some really long days, not so good if you are not a fan of overtime.

Dock Work: Some LTL gigs require you to work in the docks too, not just the driving.