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Trucking Companies 

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    It’s intriguing how much the American economy relies on the trucking industry. Just think about all those goods and products we use daily; they’re transported by trucks, mainly.

    Around 70% of all the stuff we rely on is moved by trucks. It’s like the backbone of businesses – they depend on these shipments to keep running smoothly. And it’s not just end here.

    Even when things are shipped by train, boat, or air, there’s still a good chance that they’ll catch a ride on a truck at some point. It’s like trucks are these connectors, making sure stuff gets from point A to point B without a hitch. Without trucking companies, figuring out how to get things where they need to go would be a bit of a puzzle.

    It’s not a wonder that the trucking industry is a significant job provider too. There are around 4 million truck drivers in the U.S., and that’s a lot of folks making a living on the road.

    The trucking industry isn’t just about jobs. It’s like this powerhouse that boosts the entire economy around $700 billion in revenue each year. If you look at the whole transportation industry’s revenue, trucks are responsible for about 80% of that.

    Our Blog post is specially curated for those individuals who want to dive into this massive world of trucking companies in the USA.

    We’ll look at the smallest and the largest ones, the most renowned ones, their different types and operations and even highlight the best and the worst trucking companies as well.

    On top of that, you will get to know about the influence and impact they have on the global scale.

    Let’s Buckle up and hit the road!

    Top 10 Largest Trucking Companies in the USA

    If you look at the top trucking companies. There are some things that these largest companies prioritize and have in common that make them at the top of the list.

    We have compiled a list of the top 10 largest trucking companies in the USA, including their brief history, operations, revenue, and number of employees. After reading this list, you will better understand these companies and their influence on the industry and the overall US economy.

    1. UPS Inc.

    UPS Inc. is an American multinational shipping and receiving and supply chain management company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

    United Parcel Service has come a long way since its days as the American Messenger Company specialized in telegraphs. UPS is now standing tall as a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s biggest courier companies—no wonder this courier company has become a household name in the supply chain industry.

    • United Parcel Service was Founded in 1907
    • Revenue in USD 100.3 billion (2023)
    • The number of Employees is approximately 545,000.

    1. FedEx Corp.

    FedEx Corporation is a prominent American trucking and e-commerce enterprise Based in Memphis, Tennessee. This company was established in 1971 and was formerly Federal Express Corporation. FDX Corporation delivers an impressive 6.21 million packages daily and over 3 billion packages yearly.

    • Federal Express Corporation was founded in 1971
    • Revenue of around 94 Billion USD (2023)
    • FedEx Employees in the USA are around 199,225, and globally, 550,000 (approximately)

    1. XPO Logistics

    For many years, XPO Logistics has led the pack in the trucking industry as the top American freight transportation company. Its corporate headquarters is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, and it operates across 33 countries with roughly 1000+ locations, offering top-notch less-than-truckload (LTL) and truck brokerage services.

    • XPO Logistics was established in 1989
    • XPO has a revenue of roughly 7.75 billion USD (2023)
    • They have 38,000+ Employees serving.

    1. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.

    J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. is a big American transportation and logistics company based in Lowell, Arkansas. They have more than 21,000 trucks and over 151,000 pieces of trailing equipment.

    One noteworthy thing about them is that they were one of the first major trucking companies in the US to use a method called ‘container trucking.‘ which means they load goods directly from trains and ships onto their trucks.

    They’re a big deal because they help Fortune 500 companies with their transportation and logistics needs.

    • J.B. Hunt Transport Services was Founded in 1961
    • Revenue 9.2 billion USD ( 2023)
    • Approximately 33,000+ Employees

    1. Knight-Swift Transport Services

    Knight-Swift Transport Services is a big trucking company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It’s actually the fifth largest in the country. This company was formed when Knight and Swift merged. They have a whopping 57,722 trailers and 18,448 tractors for hauling stuff around. They offer various kinds of truckloads, such as those with asset-based dry and temperature control options.

    One interesting fact is that the company owns some of its trucks, while independent drivers own others. They have places where these trucks take off from called “terminals.” These terminals are strategically located in busy areas along the roads and freight hubs in the USA and Mexico to move goods efficiently.

    • They were Founded in 1990
    • Revenue of roughly USD 6.830B ( 2023)
    • Almost 28,000+ Active Employees

    1. YRC Worldwide

    YRC Worldwide is a well-renowned name in the US trucking industry, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Their impressive network of over 300 terminals facilitates the delivery of around 11 million shipments annually, using 34,500 trailers and over 12,000 48′ and 53′ vans. They also make use of more than 20,400 28′ trailers. It’s safe to say that YRC has held a dominant position in the American supply chain industry for quite some time.

    Initially, YRC started as a taxi and bus company named Yellow Roadway Corporation. Then they grew through mergers with some of the top trucking companies in the US and Canada, including Roadway and Reimer Express. Today YRC Worldwide is a leading provider of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight services.

    • They were established in 1929
    • Revenue 5.3 billion USD (2023)
    • They have employed 32000+ People

    1. Schneider National Inc

    Meet Schneider National Inc, a big Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA trucking company. It all started when the founder, Al Schneider, sold his family car to buy a truck. Now, Schneider is a significant player in the industry. They have 11,650 company drivers, 10,120 company trucks, and 33,830 trailers.

    Schneider offers different services like truckload (which is moving a lot of stuff) and intermodal (that’s moving stuff using different types of transportation). Schneider also takes care of things like cross-docking (which is like a middle stop for your property), setting up distribution points (so your items get where it needs to be), managing supply chains (making sure everything keeps moving smoothly), and handling stuff at ports (so things go in and out smoothly there too).

    • Founded in 1976
    • Revenue of USD 6.012B (2023)
    • Employees: 19000+

    1. Landstar Systems

    Landstar System, Inc has a strong presence in the US, Canada, and Mexico, often known for its unmatched logistics and third-party services expertise.

    One interesting thing to note is that Landstar has over 10,000+ independent drivers and 70,000 trucks. Landstar offers different services like truckload (which is moving a lot of stuff), which is the reason for their great reputation in moving heavy and unconventional cargo across the United States and beyond.

    • Established in 1968
    • Landstar Systems revenue is $7.4 Billion (2023)
    • Employees are 1500+ (2023)

    1. Old Dominion

    Their story started with one truck, and now, it has grown to more than 250 locations and 11000+ trucks.

    Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc is from Thomasville, North Carolina, USA provides regional, inter-regional, and national (less-than-truckload) logistics services. On top of that, aside from LTL services, they also offer trade show shipping, household moving, and warehousing services.

    • They started in 1934
    • Revenue: $6.20 B
    • Employees: 23,000+ employees

    1. TFI International

    They have a Headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and are primarily famous for operating in transportation and logistics. The company has spread its logistics services across Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

    TFI (Transportation Fédérale inc) has a pretty impressive reach, stretching its logistics services not only across the U.S. but also into Canada and Mexico. They’ve got their hands in four key areas: less than a truckload (LTL), truckload (T.L.), logistics, and package and courier services.

    They have some serious horsepower and a lot of wheels on the road. They got their own power-packed 14,000+ trucks, nearly 10,000 owner-operator tractors up for action, a fleet of almost 50,000+ trailers hitched up and over 200 straight trucks ready to roll.

    • They Founded in 1957
    • Revenue of TFI International: 7.4 billion U.S. dollars (2023)
    • No. of Employees 27,000+ (2023)

    Top 100 Biggest Trucking Companies in USA 2023 (Infographics)

    Learning about the top 100 trucking companies in the USA is helpful for people or those who want information about the logistics industry to make informed decisions about reliable carriers and potential partners. Policymakers and researchers can also track these companies to analyze trends and make decisions about regulations and investments in infrastructure.

    Let’s dive straight into the list of the top 100 trucking companies in the USA.


    The Big League – List of Top 500 Trucking Companies

    First and foremost, The transportation and logistics industry can be overwhelming for individuals searching for moving stuff or for jobs and businesses looking for partnerships.

    Considering this, we provide a consolidated and easily accessible list of key players in the trucking industry. We hope this resource will help you make informed decisions about shipping carriers and potentially form partnerships For job seekers looking to enter the trucking or related sectors.

    We have compiled a list of the top 500 Trucking companies operating in different locations in the USA. This list has been ranked according to the number of power units they have, revenue and workforce of these companies.

    RankTrucking CompanyYearWebsiteTotal TrucksOperating Type Employees
    1FedEx Package/LTL425,000
    2UPS Inc.1907 481,000
    3Patrick Industries 1959 www.patrickind.com3530 Building Materials/Construction 10,000 3261Armored 70,000
    5UniGroup 3037 N/A 1,523
    6UniGroup1988www.unigrouplogistics.com3037Household Goods62 2879 General Freight343
    8Bennett International 1716Heavy Haul 1,124
    9Atlas Van Lines1948www.atlasvanlines.com1716Tank Truck 200
    10R+L Freight17,000
    11Atlas World Group 1590Household Goods650
    12Quality 1581Motor Vehicle3,500
    13Quality Drive Away / Foremost Transport2010www.foremosttransport.com1581Package/LTL 200
    15J.B. Hunt Transport Services1961www.jbhunt.com1138General Freight28,300
    16DHL Worldwide Freight590,000
    17PODS Enterprises1998www.pods.com1043Tank Truck3,000
    18Horizon Transport1984www.horizontransport.com904General Freight76
    19Penske Logistics1969www.penskelogistics.com832General Freight19,012
    20Penrouge Transport / Pinnacle1909www.pinnacletransportgroup.com805Motor Vehicle103
    21Dickinson Fleet Services1997www.fleetowner.com788Heavy Haul1,200
    22Sirva Inc.1998www.sirva.com747Household Goods4,900
    23Ryder Supply Chain Solutions1933www.ryder.com735N/A42,800
    24Ryder Integrated Logistics1957www.lms.ryder.com735General Freight42,800
    25Temco Logistics1968www.temcologistics.com708Motor Vehicle1,000
    26TFI International1957www.trucknews.com690Package/LTL17,127
    27CEVA Logistics (North American HQ)1946www.cevalogistics.com654Refrigerated110,000
    28Pitt Ohio Transportation Group1979www.pittohio.com578Package/LTL5,751
    29Estes Express Lines1931www.estes-express.com558Package/LTL18,451
    30Suddath Cos1919www.suddath.com535Household Goods2,200
    31YRC Worldwide1929www.yrc.com462General Freight31,000
    32Yellow1991www.myyellow.com462General Freight32,000
    33Davenport Transportation1979www.centerlinedrivers.com446Heavy Haul155
    34AAA Interstate Transportation2003www.aaainterstate.com438General Freight251
    35AAA Cooper Transportation1955www.aaacooper.com438Motor Vehicle5,234
    36Spirit Miller Trucking1994www.freightshiplogistics.com400Bulk50
    37Copart Direct1982www.copartdirect.com393General Freight8,600
    38XPO Logistics1989www.xpo.com392Package/LTL100,000
    39Southeastern Freight Lines1950www.sefl.com389Package/LTL8,989
    40Forward Air1981www.forwardair.com382General Freight5,411
    41Spee-Dee Delivery Service1978 www.speedeedelivery.com376Building Materials/Construction1,800
    42Meyer Logistics2009www.meyerlogistics.com374General Freight1,000
    43Dynamic Transport1992www.dynamic-transports.com374General Freight1,001
    44Capstone Logistics1986www.capstonelogistics.com368Bulk19,000
    45UST Select2019www.ustselect.com367Motor Vehicle33
    46US Logistics Solutions2015www.uslogisticssolutions.com348Household Goods30
    47Accurate Transport1986www.accuratetransport.net332General Freight30
    48Load One2003www.load1.com330General Freight204
    49Daseke Inc.2008www.daseke.com325Heavy Haul5,930
    50ArcBest1966www.ttnews.com321General Freight13,000
    51Cal-Ark International1957www.calark.com320 Tank Truck445
    52TA Operating1986 www.ta-petro.com317Building Materials/Construction19,000
    53Acme Truck Line1960www.acmetruck.com312Heavy Haul 2,000
    54Mapletree Transportation1997www.mapletreetransportation.com309General Freight46
    55Auto Driveaway1952www.autodriveaway.com304Petroleum355
    56BLS Trucking1980www.blstrucking.com266Refrigerated143
    57Classic Transport1998www.classictransport.com266General Freight47
    58Blue Max Trucking1984www.bluemaxtrucking.com262General Freight77
    59Landstar System1968www.landstar.com258General Freight1,306
    60Rochester Armored Car1964www.rochesterarmoredcar.com258General Freight536
    61Sun Coast Resources1985www.suncoastresources.com254Refrigerated830
    62Roadrunner Transportation Systems2005www.shiproadrunnerfreight.com241Package/LTL4,600
    63Wheaton Worldwide Moving1945www.wheatonworldwide.com230General Freight140
    64N.W. White & Co.1952www.nwwhite.com229General Freight31
    65Ford Storage & Moving1947www.fordstorage.com225Household Goods284
    66A. Duie Pyle Inc.1924www.aduiepyle.com221Package/LTL2,851
    67Daylight Transport1977www.dylt.com206General Freight400
    68Dayton Freight Lines1981www.daytonfreight.com200Package/LTL4,922
    69Saltchuk Family of Cos.1982www.saltchuk.com200General Freight5,500
    7010 Roads Express1946www.10roadsexpress.com196General Freight150
    71United Vision Logistics2007www.uvlogistics.com185Package/LTL454
    72Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings1990www.knight-swift.com171General Freight22,800
    73Superior Bulk Logistics1966www.gwtrans.com171General Freight3,000
    74White Line Systems1983www.whitelinesys.com170Package/LTL126
    75CrossCountry Freight Solutions1980www.shipcc.com162Bulk398
    76McCollister’s Transportation Group1945www.mccollisters.com162Refrigerated1,000
    77EVO Transportation and Energy Services2010www.evotransinc.com156General Freight1,100
    78McClymonds Supply & Transit1945www.mcclymonds.com156General Freight440
    79Land Air Express1983www.landairexpress.com156Refrigerated126
    80Old Dominion Freight Line1934www.odfl.com153Package/LTL22,858
    81Cardinal Logistics1997www.cardlog.com141General Freight4,220
    82Fast Trac Transportation1996www.highlytetransport.com141Tank Truck30
    83Werner Enterprises1956www.werner.com139General Freight12,852
    85Expedited Logistics and Freight Services2001www.elfsfreight.com132General Freight139
    86Thompson Trucking1988www.thompsontruckinginc.net129General Freight101
    87Savage Services1946www.savageco.com128General Freight3,800
    88Bolt Express2001www.bolt-express.com128Refrigerated534
    89Ward Transport and Logistics1931www.wardtlc.com123General Freight1,400
    90New Line Transport/Tri State2013www.newlinetransport.com121General Freight32
    91Southeast Division Logistics1992www.southeastlogistics.com121Bulk61
    92Hilldrup Moving & Storage1903www.hilldrup.com121Tank Truck672
    93Sunset Logistics1996www.sunsetus.com120General Freight208
    94Beltmann Group (HQ)1923www.beltmann.com117General Freight338
    95CRST International1955www.crst.com111General Freight7,131
    96Heritage Transport1979www.heritage-transportation.com109General Freight30
    97Lily Distribution Services1876www.lily.com102Motor Vehicle5
    98Magnum Freight1978www.magnumfreightinc.com98Tank Truck59
    99Magnum Cos.1989www.magnumlog.com96Refrigerated25
    100A-1 Transit1974www.readymixconcreteny.com96Tank Truck25
    101Dependable Supply Chain Services1950www.godependable.com95General Freight1,600
    102G4 Logistics2016www.g4logisticsintl.com89General Freight100
    103Ruan1965www.ruan.com87General Freight5,700
    104New World Van Lines1982www.nwvl.com86Bulk480
    105J.H. Walker Trucking1978www.jhwalkertrucking.com80Building Materials/Construction179
    106KLLM Transport Services1963www.kllm.com77Refrigerated2,150
    107FFE Transportation Services1943www.ffeinc.com77General Freight1,300
    108R & M Trucking1976www.rmtrucking.com76Bulk374
    109T.H. Ryan Cartage1905www.thryan.com75General Freight50
    110Saia Inc.1924www.saia.com74Package/LTL10,300
    111Covan World-Wide Moving1914www.covan.com74 General Freight93
    112Robertson’s Freight266
    113DB Schenker1872www.dbschenker.com71General Freight72000
    114Brook Ledge1955www.brookledge.com67Motor Vehicle141
    115Oak Harbor Freight Lines1916www.oakh.com63Heavy Haul300
    116Mr. Bult’s1980www.mrbults.com58General Freight1,315
    117American Bulk Commodities1960www.americanbulkcommodities.com54Heavy Haul594
    118Hub Group1971www.hubgroup.com53General Freight5,400
    119Salem Carriers1965www.salemcorp.com53Garbage/Refuse742
    120Lynden Inc.1906www.lynden.com49Garbage/Refuse2,658
    121Sutton Transport1979www.suttontrans.com48Garbage/Refuse700
    122Southwestern Motor Transport1930www.smtl.com47General Freight389
    123GLS US Freight1989www.gls-us.com47General Freight207
    124Action Resources1995www.actn.com45Garbage/Refuse659
    125Taylor Transport1995www.taylortruck.net43Garbage/Refuse93
    126Rig Runner2002www.rigrunnerinc.com42Household Goods110
    127Crane Cartage Freight Services1984 41Petroleum 155
    128Odyssey Logistics & Technology2003www.odysseylogistics.com40General Freight 2,586
    129Transervice Logistics1969www.transervice.com40Agricultural1,200
    130Schneider1836www.schneider.com39General Freight19,400
    131Averitt Express1958www.averitt.com39Package/LTL9,000
    132Hogan1918www.hogan1.com39General Freight5,000
    133Xpress Global Systems1986www.xgsi.com39General Freight1,150
    134Gypsum Express1979www.gypsumexpress.com38Bulk750
    135Red Classic1949www.redclassic.com37General Freight1,211
    136N & M Transfer1964www.nmtransfer.com35Refrigerated615
    137Barnes Transportation Services1991www.barnestransport.com35General Freight175
    138Crowley1892www.crowleyisdtx.org34Building Materials/Construction5,300
    139Trucks For You1984www.aimusedtrucks.com32Motor Vehicle48
    140Day & Ross Transportation Group1950www.dayross.com30General Freight3,277
    141National Retail Systems1952www.nrs3pl.com30General Freight5,500
    142North Park 30General Freight 286
    143Total Transportation Services (TTSI)1986www.ttsi.com29General Freight400
    144Aim Integrated Logistics1906www.aimntls.com29Refrigerated942
    145CDN Logistics1998www.gocdn.com28General Freight108
    146ContainerPort Group1973www.containerport.com27General Freight400
    147Sodrel Truck 27Building Materials/Construction542
    148Ashley Distribution Services1974www.ashleydistributionservices.com26General Freight210
    149Peninsula Truck Lines1951www.peninsulatruck.com26Refrigerated405
    150Wadhams Enterprises / Earl T. Wadhams1949www.wadhams.com25General Freight293
    151Deepwell Energy Services1979www.dwservices.com25General Freight163
    152M & M Transport Services1990www.jihanfreighters.com24General Freight123
    153Universal Logistics Holdings1932www.universallogistics.com23General Freight6,335
    154National DCP2012www.nationaldcp.com23Motor Vehicle1,700
    155Hilco Transport1945www.hilcotransport.com18General Freight464
    156SNL Distribution Services1995www.dnb.com18General Freight352
    157Poly Trucking 18Motor Vehicle79
    158Reliable Carriers1960www.reliablecarriers.com17Tank Truck153
    159Home 17 General Freight55
    160Dedicated Logistics1995www.dedlog.net17Bulk645
    161Morristown Driver’s Service1982www.mdstrucking.com16General Freight720
    162Beemac Trucking1984www.beemactrucking.com15General Freight136
    163Medallion Transport & Logistics2009www.medalliontrans.com15Bulk78
    164Blackhawk Transport1990www.pcscourier.com14General Freight272
    165Erb Group of Cos.1959www.erbgroup.com14General Freight1,500
    166Quickway Transportation1994www.quickwaylog.com14General Freight160
    167Mullen Group1949www.mullentrucking.com13General Freight3,759
    168RoadOne IntermodaLogistics1996www.roadone.com11General Freight2,200
    169Dana Cos.1996www.danacompanies.com11Motor Vehicle1,369
    170Transwood Carriers1928www.transwood.com10General Freight687
    171Midwest Transport1980www.mwtransport.com10General Freight650
    172Wiley Sanders Truck Lines1959www.wileysanders.com8General Freight1,200
    173Martin Transport1946www.martintransport.com8Package/LTL1,200
    174Titan 8Refrigerated 26
    175Sharp Transit2001www.sharptransit.com8General Freight510
    176PS Logistics2004www.pslogistics.com7General Freight3,664
    177Roehl Freight2,460
    178Premier Transportation1987www.premiertransportation.com7General Freight 1,359
    179System Freight1975www.2hm-logistics.com7General Freight362
    180Evans Delivery1939www.evansdelivery.com6General Freight429
    181Fastfrate Group1966www.fastfrate.com6Heavy Haul5,000
    182Venture Express1981www.ventureexpress.com6General Freight181
    184CTI2018www.cti-shipping.com6General Freight29
    185Sunbelt Furniture Xpress1965www.sbfx.com6Refrigerated309
    186Northern Logistics2010www.norloworld.com6General Freight199
    187Bessemer Management1907www.bessemermanagement.com5General Freight500
    188C.A.T. Group1937www.groupecat.com5Household Goods6,387
    189Buddy Moore Trucking1999www.buddymooretrucking.com5General Freight297
    190Royal Express1999www.royalx.net5General Freight185
    191Highlight Motor Group2007www.tripleatrailers.com5General Freight643
    192M&M Cartage1972www.mmcartage.com5General Freight389
    193Eastex Crude Trucking1985www.eastexcrudetrucking.com5Heavy Haul217
    194Florida Beauty Express2017www.floridabeauty.com5General Freight201
    195Paper Transport1990www.papertransport.com4Motor Vehicle1,150
    196Martin Transportation Systems1978www.mtstrans.com3General Freight2,179
    197Ascend2019www.ascend.com3Tank Truck500
    198Damco Distribution Services1982www.maersk.com3Package/LTL30
    199Howard Sheppard1943www.howardsheppard.com3Bulk326
    200B-H Transfer1971www.b-htransfer.com3Petroleum141
    201Bison Transport1969www.bisontransport.com2General Freight3,100
    202Mesilla Valley Transportation1982www.m-v-t.com2General Freight1,662
    203US 1 Industries1946www.us1industries.com2Refrigerated25
    204Fraley & Schilling1955www.drivefs.com2Heavy Haul378
    205SOAR Transportation Group2002www.soartransport.com2General Freight256
    206Wilson Logistics1980www.joinwilson.com2Tank Truck378
    207Barney Trucking1947www.barneytrucking.com2General Freight457
    208Redbird Carriers1977www.redbirdcarriers.com2Building Materials/Construction51
    209Volume Transportation1992www.volinc.com2Package/LTL269
    211NFI Industries1932www.nfiindustries.com1General Freight10,900
    212U.S. Xpress Enterprises1985www.usxpress.com1N/A8,912
    213Kenan Advantage Group1997www.thekag.com1Tank Truck9,000
    214Covenant Logistics Group1986www.covenantlogistics.com1General Freight5,500
    215Jack Cooper Holdings1928www.jackcooperlogistics.com1Motor Vehicle3,753
    216OnTrac Inc.1991www.ontrac.com1General Freight2,899
    217PGT Trucking1981www.pgttrucking.com1Flatbed Trucking675
    218C & K Trucking2003www.cktrucking.com1General Freight279
    219Jack Cooper Transport1928www.jackcooper.com1General Freight3,753
    220R.E. Garrison Trucking1959www.ifleetservices.com1Package/LTL1,050
    221Montgomery Transportation Group1970www.montgomeryllc.com1General Freight756
    222Pride Transport1979www.shipwts.com1General Freight688
    223White Arrow2011www.whitearrow.com1General Freight127
    224Outwest Express2010www.outwestexpress.com1General Freight116
    225Fremont Contract Carriers1965www.fcc-inc.com1Building Materials/Construction200
    226G&D Integrated1882www.gdintegrated.com1General Freight1,000
    227VSS Transportation Group2004www.vsstransportationgroup.com1Tank Truck242
    228Rich Logistics1987www.richlogistics.com1Heavy Haul333
    229L & B Transport1984www.landbtransport.com1Refrigerated201
    230Shellenberger Family of Cos.2014www.sandhexpress.com1General Freight375
    231All Truck Transportation1978www.alltruck.com1Agricultural265
    232Premier Trading and Transportation2007www.premier-crude.com1Refrigerated1,359
    233Doug Andrus Distributing1937www.dougandrus.com1General Freight226
    234Walpole1952www.walpoleinc.com1General Freight201
    235Prime Inc.1970www.primeinc.com0General Freight4,900
    236C.R. England1920www.crengland.com0N/A8,196
    237Anderson Trucking Service1955www.atsinc.com0General Freight2,143
    238Crete Carrier Corp.1966www.cretecarrier.com0Package/LTL6,000
    240Central Transport International1932www.centraltransport.com0General Freight2,290
    241Marten Transport1946www.marten.com0Refrigerated3,600
    242Stevens Transport1980www.stevenstransport.com0Refrigerated2,700
    243Western Express1991www.westernexp.com0Refrigerated3,250
    244United Road Services1997www.unitedroad.com0Motor Vehicle1,846
    245Heartland Express1978www.heartlandexpress.com0General Freight3,450
    246Mercer Transportation Co.1977www.mercer-trans.com0General Freight305
    247Cowan Systems1924www.cowanlogistics.com0General Freight2,107
    248PAM Transport1980www.pamtransport.com0General Freight2,748
    249Trimac Transportation Group1945www.trimac.com0Bulk3,165
    250Dart Transit Company1934www.dart.net0General Freight2,362
    251Eagle Express Lines1967www.eagexpress.com0General Freight268
    252TMC Transportation1972www.tmctrans.com0Flatbed Trucking2,138
    253Hirschbach Motor Lines1935www.hirschbach.com0Refrigerated1,213
    254Maverick USA1980www.maverickusa.com0General Freight2,156
    255Transport Investments1988www.transportinvestments.com0Heavy Haul200
    256IMC Cos.1982www.imcc.com0General Freight2,001
    257Koch Cos.1978www.kochtrucking.com0General Freight1,167
    258TransAm Trucking Inc.1987www.transamtruck.com0Refrigerated930
    259Melton Truck Lines1954www.meltontruck.com0Heavy Haul1,701
    260Trans-System Inc.1972www.trans-system.com0Heavy Haul1,100
    261John Christner Trucking1986www.johnchristner.com0General Freight207
    262Heniff Transportation Systems1998www.heniff.com0Tank Truck1000
    263Cassens Transport 0Motor Vehicle1,126
    264Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport1994www.driveforhansenadkins.com0Motor Vehicle1,100
    265FirstFleet1986www.firstfleetinc.com0General Freight3,200
    266STG Logistics1984www.stgusa.com0General Freight650
    267Lazer Spot1996www.lazerlogistics.com0Armored3,000
    268McCoy Group1958www.mccoygroup.com0Package/LTL1500
    269Tankstar USA1913www.tankstar.com0Refrigerated132
    270K. L. Breeden & Sons1930www.klbsons.com0Package/LTL241
    271Paschall Truck Lines1937www.ptl-inc.com0HouseholdGoods1,800
    272Dart Advantage Logistics1996www.dartadvlogistics.com0Bulk300
    273Gemini Motor Transport2001www.geminimotor.com0General Freight1,200
    274Western Flyer Express1996www.drivewfx.com0General Freight1,016
    275JHT Holdings1933www.jhth.com0General Freight650
    276May Trucking1945www.maytrucking.com0General Freight1,126
    277Sunteck Transport Group1976www.suntecktts.com0General Freight73
    278Riverside Transportation1993www.riversidetransport.com0General Freight1,100
    279GuideOn Group1909www.guideongroup.com0Motor Vehicle60
    280Venture Logistics1993www.venturelogistics.com0Bulk857
    281Leonard’s Express2001www.leonardsexpress.com0Tank Truck682
    282Groendyke Transport1932www.groendyke.com0General Freight3,000
    283Williams Brothers Trucking1977www.wbtus.com0Tank Truck716
    284New Legend2008www.newlegendinc.com0General Freight160
    285Oakley Trucking / Bruce Oakley1968www.bruceoakley.com0General Freight415
    286Beelman Truck1906www.beelman.com0General Freight660
    287Decker Truck Line1931www.deckertruckline.com0Petroleum1,050
    288Ozark Motor Lines1961www.drive4ozark.com0General Freight865
    289Carter Express1983www.carter-express.com0Motor Vehicle1,192
    290Navajo Express1981www.navajoexpress.com0General Freight653
    291Wall Street Systems1972www.wallstreetsystemsinc.com0General Freight67
    292Dupré Logistics1980www.duprelogistics.com0Motor Vehicle1,100
    293JBS Carriers1988www.jbscarriers.com0Package/LTL800
    294K & B Transportation1987www.kbtransportation.com0Refrigerated670
    295J & R Schugel Trucking1974www.jrschugel.com0Building Materials/Construction349
    296Halvor Lines1968www.halvorlines.com0Refrigerated461
    297Brown Trucking1996www.brownintegratedlogistics.com0General Freight55
    298Freymiller1968www.freymiller.com0General Freight397
    299Jordan Carriers1992www.jordancarriers.com0General Freight418
    300National Carriers1968www.nationalcarriers.com0Package/LTL369

    Specialized Trucking Companies You Need to Know

    In this exciting section, you will explore different types of trucking companies doing different kinds of operations. Companies that carry small loads for many customers(LTL trucking), while some have big loads (TL), some travel over the countries (OTR trucking), and some trucks keep things cold (Refrigerated trucking companies).

    We will look at these companies and also have a look at the safest trucking companies as well. So let’s find out:

    Meet The Top 10 LTL Trucking Companies in Action

    LTL (less-than-truckload) VS TL (truckload)

    What’s the difference between LTL (less-than-truckload) and TL (truckload)? The simplest answer to this question is weight capacity.

    Full truckload freight is used for shipments between 7500 and 44 500 pounds, while LTL covers loads between 150 and 15 000 pounds.

    LTL allows for the combination of freight from multiple companies onto one truck, while a full truckload does not. This allows smaller shippers to use truck transport when they can’t otherwise fill a semi-trailer, though co-mingling of products can sometimes cause issues.

    Less-than-truckload also offers more flexible delivery options, though with that flexibility comes the likelihood of additional accessory charges as well as challenges for some shippers syncing up schedules.

    Truckload offers more carriers, approximately seven hundred thousand, and fewer freight classifications to navigate than LTL, though navigating all those carriers can be a challenge in itself, while both modes cover dry and temperature-controlled as well as standard and expedited delivery options.

    LTL trucking company is like a shipping service for a smaller amount of stuff as it stands for less-than-truckload. LTL carriers usually don’t fill the whole truck with one person or one company. Rather they combine different stuff from different companies onto one truck.

    1. FedEx Freight

    FedEx Freight acquired American Freightways and Viking Freight in 2001. Since then, FedEx has been a leading company that offers regional and national LTL services, as well as expedited options.

    2. Yellow Corp (YRC)

    YRC is an LTL expert and has an expansive portfolio of specialized LTL freight and expedited shipping services. Yellow Corporation has a combination of different companies such as the New Penn, YRC, regional carriers Holland, Reddaway, and Yellow Logistics.

    3. XPO Logistics

    It was 2015 when XPO acquired “Con-way,” a multinational freight and transportation company, for 3 billion dollars, which skyrocketed XPO’s less-than-truckload operations in North America.

    4. Old Dominion

    Old Dominion’s LTL carrier offers logistics and household moving services nationwide across different regions.

    5. Estes Express Lines

    Estes has surprisingly 20,000+ employees, more than 6,500 tractors, 30,000+ trailers, and over 250 terminals that position them as the largest privately held LTL company in the U.S.

    6. Southeastern Freight Lines

    Southeastern Freight Lines serves primarily in the Southeast and Southwestern regions of the United States, with a privately held LTL carrier.

    7. Saia

    Saia (less than truckload trucking) company has a significant number of 172+ terminals across the country and directly serves in upto 48 states.

    8. R+L Carriers

    R+L Carriers are based in Ohio, which has a privately held LTL carrier; over the last 50 years, they have expanded from a single truck to a massive fleet of 21,000+ tractors and trailers and cover all 48 adjacent states and Canada as well.

    9. ABF Inc.

    ABF Freight System, Inc., a national LTL carrier and a subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation, was founded in Arkansas.

    10. TFI International

    TFI International Inc. (a Canadian-based Trucking company) offers Less-than-truckload, Truckload and logistics services across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    The Masters of Long Haul – Top 10 OTR Trucking Companies

    Over-the-road trucking (OTR), or long-haul trucking, is a way of moving goods in which professional drivers travel across the country from one side to another, sometimes from one coast to another.

    It’s a matter of great resilience that these drivers need to stay on the road for weeks, sometimes even months, without long breaks.

    So basically, over-the-road (OTR) trucking companies specialize in long-distance transportation of goods using large trucks. Some examples of OTR trucking companies:

    1. ABF Freight

    ABF Freight is one of the best OTR trucking companies and is famous for its competitive pay. ABF Freight service centers are almost everywhere across the country, and it’s easy to find. They are known for and specialize in services like providing time-critical deliveries and expedited shipping.

    1. GP Transco

    GP Transco scored a position in the Chicago Tribune 2021 Top Workplaces. The Services they Provide are over the road, regional midwest, drop trailer and dedicated freight.

    1. Walmart

    Walmart is a private fleet with one of the largest and safest fleets in the world. They ensure continuous movement of goods by prioritizing their loading, especially in really long-distance transportation.

    1. Nussbaum Transportation

    Nussbaum has an impressively low turnover rate at just 37% each year. Drivers enjoy working for Nussbaum, and that shows in the longevity of the time they spend with the company. Their services include Round trip, Multi-stop, Point-to-point, drop and hook.

    1. Boyle Transportation

    They specialize in (OTR) hauling specialty items for industries such as big Pharma biotechs, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare distribution in the defense sector.

    1. J.B. Hunt

    JB Hunt is one of the largest over-the-road carriers in North America, providing a wide range of driving options, including intermodal, dedicated, truckload, less than truckload flatbed home delivery temp control and international.

    1. TMC Transportation

    TMC Transportation provides its drivers the best equipment, making it an attractive employer. They do Linehaul, dedicated and specialized freight.

    1. Schneider

    They run different types of carriers like LTL, Flatbeds, Truckload (TL) and Refrigerated (Reefers). They have you covered with Real-time shipment tracking, Supply chain, and fleet management.

    1. Maverick Transportation

    With Maverick Transportation, you can earn your license after proper training in about 4 weeks and kickstart your rewarding career at one of the best OTR trucking companies for new drivers.

    1. McClane

    McLean has a massive fleet and operates numerous distribution centers across the country. They serve grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores and chain restaurants. With their grocery and food service solutions with deliveries to over a hundred thousand locations, hauling food provides excellent stability in the current market.

    The Coolest in Transportation – Top Refrigerated Trucking Companies

    Refrigerated trucking or Reefer carriers is the usual term used in cold supply chains or the moving of cold goods from one place to another; These companies are specialized and have the capability of transporting goods that need to be kept at specific temperatures.

    Reefer carriers have built-in cooling systems to make sure the cargo stays at the right temperature during the entire journey, which is crucial to keep the goods safe in the best quality and condition. Some of the leading refrigerated Trucking companies are as follow:

    1. Stevens Transport

    Steven Transportation is a highly acclaimed premium carrier that has received multiple awards. Their exceptional reputation for responsiveness and top-notch services has earned them a place on our list of best-refrigerated trucking companies. They are specialized in transporting fresh produce, protein and other refrigerated or time-sensitive products.

    1. Prime Inc.

    They usually transport perishable goods requiring special attention; their refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and intermodal freight carriers can handle anything from liquids to solid goods. On top of that, they also transport durable construction materials and other related goods.

    1. Swift Refrigerated

    Swift Refrigerated is the leading fleet in the industry that ensures products remain in stable environments from the time of pickup to their final destination. Swift Refrigerated has dedicated providers in Mexico and Canada for all temperature-sensitive products.

    1. Hirschbach Motor Lines

    Hirschbach is a reliable and efficient refrigerated trucking service provider specializing in the eastern US. They offer yard management, cold storage and warehousing. With their extensive experience in handling all types of temperature-sensitive freight, they have a minimum turnover rate.

    1. Marten Transport

    Marten Transport offers premium time- and temperature-sensitive transportation services across the United States and Canada. They are specialized in Truckload and irregular route options.

    1. TransAm Trucking

    TransAm Trucking has your back if you are looking for a safe option for temperature-controlled transportation. Their team is equipped to handle any products that require temperature-controlled transportation and serve in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions of the United States.

    1. Roehl Transport

    They have a nationwide presence and place great emphasis on delivering goods accurately. With their installed telematic systems in their reefers, they ensure that truckers maintain the company’s temperature standards. Roehl has temperature monitoring and alert systems and satellite communication with refrigerated units.

    Top Safest Trucking Companies With The Best Track Records

    So what are crucial measures that make a trucking company safe?

    The most crucial aspect is the non-negotiable driver supervision. Trucking companies dedicated to safety always have laser-focused supervision of their drivers.

    They make sure that drivers are always compliant with the rules and have the uncompromised learning and certification to get on the road. Trucking companies must prioritize regular inspections, safety programs, and emergency plans to ensure safe journeys.

    These companies made to our top safest trucking companies list:

    1. Roehl Transport

    Roehl Transport is quite the safety champ. Since 2003, they have constantly ranked in the top 3 trucking companies by the ATA (American Trucking Association).

    It’s quite impressive how they were able to grab the ATA president’s trophy and the TCA Grand Prize for safety multiple times and even won the Volvo Trucks Safety Awards.

    1. FedEx

    Even though FedEx has made it to the list of the most dangerous trucking companies, here comes a surprise as there is a shining star in the FedEx family; we are talking about the FedEx Custom Critical.

    These folks are based in Ohio and are showing some tremendous safety measures in the trucking industry. They have 15,000+ active drivers and approximately 900 trucks and trailers. With all these resources and a massive fleet, their Out-of-service violations are way below the national average.

    1. Bison Transport

    They’re based in Manitoba, Canada, and they have got a reputation for being one of the biggest carriers in the whole country. It’s even more interesting to see that they have grabbed the TCA Grand Prize for Safety more than once. They have almost 1300 vehicles with a team of 1200+ people, so it shows that it’s not about the size. It’s about safety, and Bison Transport has that down pat.

    1. FTC Transportation, Inc.

    FTC Transportation might be small in size, but they are prominent examples of safety in the industry. They are based with almost 30+ Drivers, and they have a fleet that’s right on point, too. What really sets them apart is their amazing compensation package and how they treat their employees. They are both generous and transparent towards their truckers and employees.

    1. RedGuard

    It looks like RedGuard LLC has quite an impressive safety track record, pretty much like the FTC that we have mentioned before. One of the key factors that contribute to their performance is their team of 25 people and 30 vehicles. They have a solid zero percentage of the Out-of-service rate comparison to the national average.

    1. Super T Transport

    Super T Transport continuously trains their truckers and workers how to drive safely, and they have the minimum number of crashes and road incidents recorded. They conduct different types of training and safety tips sessions to ensure the overall SAFETY of the drivers and the trucks.

    World’s Richest Trucking Company and Its Global Influence

    UPS Inc. is considered as the biggest player in the trucking industry, also known as the world’s richest trucking company in 2023, making around an estimated $100.3 billion in revenue. They have operations worldwide in more than 220 countries and territories, serving notable economies and emerging markets.

    To understand how important UPS is to the US and on the global scale, just know that they handle about 25 million packages worldwide every day. It’s unbelievable how it accounts for a quarter of all US packages and 6% of the country’s economy!

    Now, in 2023, there was a giant looming risk. About 340,000 UPS employees thought about going on strike. If that strike happened, it could have caused significant troubles and a downturn in the US economy. We’re talking about shortages of stuff, higher prices for shipping, and slower deliveries all over the world.

    Some well known intelligent forecasting groups like Anderson Economic Group estimated that if the strike lasted just 10 days, it could have cost the US economy a massive $7.1 billion. That would’ve been the most expensive strike in the past hundred years.

    Truck Leasing, Owner-Operators and Autonomous Trucking Driving the Industry Forward

    These 3 Words are the key contributors in the trucking industry with regards to more job opportunities, more revenue and better innovative technologies. We are going to discuss the leading owner-operators, autonomous and truck leasing trucking companies in the upcoming paragraphs. These enhanced and efficient operations are the only things that keep moving the giant wheel of trucking world

    Leading Truck Leasing Companies in 2023

    The companies on this list are chosen not because they offer great leasing programs with great pay and other benefits, including maintained equipment, a little money down and no credit check. After reading this list, you’ll know who to call next to discuss your leasing options.

    Let’s dive in.

    1. Schneider

    The top on our list is Schneider for leasing trucks because they’re super flexible. You don’t need much money upfront; they’re not too strict about your credit score. People can also negotiate with them if you have any kind of delay in your payments.

    Regarding trucks, they have a wide range of new and used ones, all ready to set on the road. Conclusively, they offer extra help like flexible payment plans, maintenance support, and advice for your business. So, they’re pretty handy if you’re looking for a truck lease.

    1. Stageline Express

    Next on the list is Stageline Express Stageline because their lease program starts with a 0% down payment, and they have lease terms of 24 to 60 months.

    They also offer 100% lumbar reimbursement, no touch freight paid, reefer fuel surcharge on all miles and all miles are paid. They provide many benefits to lease drivers, like medical and dental insurance, which is rare for lease drivers. They also take responsibility for paying for liability and cargo insurance, state permit tolls and trailer rental fees.

    1. Penske Trucking

    Penske Truck Leasing stands out as a top trailer leasing company in the entire country.

    Penske truck leasing offers the support and resources needed to ensure smoother operations and safer travels for transportation companies and drivers.

    They facilitate the companies and the people with Full-service leases to cut repair and maintenance expenses and access expert guidance to handle all your transportation needs.

    1. Nova Lines

    Now, let’s talk about Nova Lines, as they offer straightforward contracts that will help you get into your truck quickly, and you won’t have a balloon payment at the end of your lease. The compelling thing about the Nova lines is that their compensation is quite competitive, and they offer newer equipment, so there’s a path to ownership.

    1. R.E. Garrison Trucking

    RE Garrison Trucking offers top-of-the-line 2018 freight liners to lease drivers with easy weekly truck payments as low as $600.

    The notable things to mention here are that The trucks have fantastic amenities like an inverter, an APU and a fridge, and according to their agreements, drivers can expect to receive up to 72% of the line haul as compensation and a sign-on bonus of $5,000.

    1. Roehl Transport

    Let’s discuss Roehl, a highly reputed transportation provider that offers flexible driving options with a wide range of local, regional and dedicated routes. They help drivers get well-maintained equipment and offer truck leases as low as $625 weekly.

    Another great thing to mention about Roehl is they also have a program to help people move into owning their truck without needing cash out of pocket, which can waive off a huge burden for many folks.

    1. Barlow

    Barlow is the next on the list. Their lease program doesn’t require a down payment or a credit check and their leases range from 18 months to 54 months with weekly payments as low as $750. They have newer and older trucks in their fleet, ranging from 2018 to 2022, and they come equipped with amenities like an inverter and an APU.

    Barlow also offers a well-rounded maintenance program, or parts and labor for standard maintenance are covered.

    1. Dart

    At Dart, the trucks available for drivers and transportation companies on lease range from 2017 to 2022 models, and there’s no need for an initial down payment, with truck payments as low as $437 per week.

    On top of that, what makes Dart an attractive choice for its clients is its valuable perks like great fuel discounts and fuel surcharges, especially for people looking for a financially rewarding and convenient opportunity.

    1. Roadrunner Freight

    Finally, The RoadRunner Freight offers drivers zero money down and zero payments for 60 days. Weekly payments are as low as $715, and top-performing lease drivers can earn $259,000 annually.

    They have a great variety of equipment options to fit your budget, including older and brand-new trucks and their maintenance settlement, fuel discounts, and discounted health/ medical plans are impressive.

    Top Owner Operator Trucking Companies for Independent Truckers

    An owner-operator is basically a person who runs a small company with the help of 1 or 2 trucks. Owner-operators have more independence and autonomy with their routes, loads and work schedule, but they are equally more responsible for their company’s maintenance, taxes and compliance regulations.

    This part of our guide can help those looking for the best owner-operator trucking companies and, after reading this section, can sift through the best options.

    1. Freightech

    If you have been an experienced driver for just 2 years with a truck made not before 2010 with proper insurance and registration, then Frieghtech can help you get a good amount of revenue and commissions.

    Owner-operators earn well and enjoy this position’s benefits, e.g., You can drive 2700-3500+ miles weekly and get company fuel cards. Frieghtech also helps you with truck repairs and trailer maintenance.

    Moreover, You can earn bonuses for referring others and driving safely.

    1. Prime

    With Prime, Independent contractors can expect considerable revenue depending on the divisions. For example, if drivers are driving reefers and flatbeds, they earn 72%. On the other hand, tank drivers earn upto 71% in commissions.

    But it’s not done here. Prime also offers referral bonuses, safety awards, CDC lodging discounts, and their exclusive Prime Time Certified award.

    1. Roehl

    Roehl Transport has the industry’s lowest turnover rates, making it a great choice for an owner-operator firm.

    Because to drive for Roehl, you don’t actually need to have a truck, just due to their affordable Lease Purchase program that will help you transition into the owner-operator world easily. They have business advisors for you who support your business with loads. They also facilitate the owner-operators with Mileage-based compensation and a Top fuel surcharge program.

    1. Landstar

    Landstar specializes in third-party logistics (3PL) with 10000+ owner-operators in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

    Landstar claims that owner-operators have complete autonomy to decide the loads that meet their business requirements, and they can return home whenever they want. Dispatch is 100% non-forced, and you need at least 23 years to be eligible to drive with them.

    1. Werner

    Werner offers owner-operators with leading-edge technology, various training programs, 24/7 support, top-of-the-line equipment and competitive pay.

    The earning potential for Fleet owners with Werner is up to $2.6 per mile based on the length of haul. Werner’s has a big terminal web with 13 locations across the state.

    1. Swift

    Swift is an Arizona-based American truckload motor shipping carrier with 40 terminals and shops across the country and offers owner-operators a wide range of trailer types like dry vans, refrigerated (reefers), and flatbeds.

    The candidates of owner-operators who are interested in partnership with Swift, their trucks must be of model 2011 or newer models, and the driver’s age should be at least 21 years; dont forget your tractor must pass the DOT 1 level inspection.

    1. J.B. Hunt

    JB. Hunt has some great options for candidates looking to work in their Intermodal and Truckload fleets. If you’re an intermodal contractor, you can pick between local and regional runs, depending on the location in their app, without needing their approval.

    Now, let’s talk perks. With J.B. Hunt, you have more control over your schedule. They’ve got your back with free roadside assistance on large network bases, and you can score some sweet fuel discounts, shiny new equipment, and competitive pay as the cherry on top.

    1. Schneider

    Schneider is regarded as the leading company in the trucking industry just because of their rich history, unparalleled expertise, and the diverse opportunities it provides to the independent and the company’s drivers.

    Fleet owners can seamlessly pick the loads and routes to match their preferences by doing that on their mobile or tablet using Schneider’s app, highlighting their control over the operations. It’s worth noting that 90% of the loads involved are drop-and-hook.

    The Top Autonomous Trucking Companies Shaping the Future of Trucking

    How close are we to driverless trucks being on the road?

    With the upcoming trend of driverless trucks, The trucking industry is going to experience a tremendous transformation and note that these autonomous trucks would be a part of a massive $800 billion trucking industry.

    While fully autonomous trucks are not yet a common sight on our roads, in this continuously changing world, some significant changes are coming along the way for the trucking industry as these autonomous trucks are designed for long drives to help transportation companies get more work done with fewer resources and deliver things faster.

    Let’s have a look at some top Autonomous Trucking Companies that are shaping the Future of Trucking:

    1) Waymo

    Have you heard about Wamyo Via,s program about autonomous trucking for freight

    Transportation? They’ve managed to raise $57B in VC funding, marketing them the most well-capitalized autonomous trucking player out there. Waymo is pretty clear and committed to changing the transportation world and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve next.

    2) Plus

    The self-driving truck developed by “Plus” a Chinese Autonomous Trucking startup in September 2019. Plus demonstrated its truly driverless truck on a highway in China, traveling a distance of over 1200 miles without any human intervention. They use a combination of sensors, cameras and machine learning algorithms to navigate the road and avoid obstacles.

    3) TuSimple

    TuSimple self-driving trucks have already completed several long-haul journeys using Ryder truck depots as terminals. TuSimple designs its own proprietary automated vehicle guidance system and creates purpose-built autonomous trucks.

    4) Locomation

    “Locomation” has successfully developed proprietary vehicles with assistive technologies that provide haulers with safer, more efficient a trucks. They have various automated systems like those for steering, braking and powertrain that can be operated remotely.

    Locomotion is also working on its Autonomous Relay Convoy (ARC) system, which will help autonomous trucks to follow a human-driven automobile to allow the second driver to rest.

    5) Wabi

    “Wabi” was founded by a prominent AI researcher making significant progress in the field of Autonomous Trucking. Wabi is applying AI and simulations to train its autonomous trucks by exposing millions of virtual miles driven in various scenarios.

    Analyzing The Best and Worst Trucking Companies From a Job Seeker’s Lens

    We have put an effort into taking a close look at trucking companies through the eyes of job seekers and breaking down which companies offer the best opportunities and work environments for truckers. If you are starting your journey as a driver or even an experienced trucker, our analysis will help you make well-informed decisions for your next career move.

    Best Trucking Companies to work for – A Combination of Success Factors

    When you’re looking for the best company to work for, especially in the recent market downturn, you need to consider a few things.

    When the market starts to slow down, it’s time to take a breather and think twice before switching carriers, as jumping around too much can really hurt your wallet and reputation.

    Do yourself a favor and do some research. Find a career you can count on and someone you can stick with until the market bounces back. So to help you with your job search, we have made a list of the best trucking companies to work for, especially during the downturn:

    1. GP Transco

    GP Transco is a newer company but deserves mention as they offer competitive pay and have experience navigating through markets like the 2008 recession. Their operations have garnered positive attention, making them worth considering. With your focus on keeping trucks moving and maintaining great pay, GP Transco can provide stability in the current market.

    1. Walmart

    Walmart is a private fleet with one of the largest and safest fleets in the world. They prioritize their drivers by optimizing freight for them, especially during tough market conditions. They ensure continuous movement by loading them over everyone else, and drivers can even earn six figures in their first year regardless of the current economy.

    1. Boyle Transportation

    Boyle Transportation was honored as one of the 2022 best fleets to drive for by the TCA. It is an excellent choice to work for at the moment. They specialize in hauling specialty items for industries such as big Pharma biotechs, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare distribution in the defense sector. With a focus on pharmaceutical transportation, drivers enjoy more stable Freight availability since the demand for medicine remains constant. Boyle Transportation is known for offering competitive pay and being a female-friendly carrier.

    1. Prime

    Prime is the largest refrigerated carry in the country, making them an excellent choice during the slow markets with lower-paying freight. With their focus on hauling refrigerated goods, you can count on steady freight and stability. They have a fantastic reputation for treating their drivers well, even earning Awards and a spot in TCA’s Hall of Fame for best fleets to drive for. Prime offers various driving divisions, giving you options to switch within the company if needed.

    1. Tyson

    One of the world’s biggest protein producers operates a large private fleet to transport its products like other private fleets. They prioritize their drivers, ensuring continuous Movement with their product offerings. Both Tyson and their drivers are naturally protected in the current market.

    1. Marten Transport

    Martin Transport is a leading refrigerated carrier specializing in food Transportation. They are certified top-pay carriers and provide guaranteed pay throughout your time with them. Marten stands out with your disciplined freight booking system focusing on customer freight rather than chasing hot markets or the spot market; this approach offers stability even during fluctuations in the market. Being a refrigerated company aligns well with the current economy because the products they transport provide stability during market downturns.

    1. Anderson Trucking Service

    Last but not least in our list is Anderson Trucking Service: They have a vast range of customer Freight and a large Logistics Department. We’re not just talking about stability here; we’re talking about a top-pay-certified carrier and a debt-free company. It’s an exciting ride at ATS, where drivers Like You Can Count On.

    Worst Trucking Companies to Work For

    So, we have done our homework, and we have sifted through countless trucker reviews for trucking companies with inadequate work policies, micromanagement, and inferior management, and according to our research we have come across a list of worst trucking companies not to work for.

    The following are some companies in our list that we have compiled for you:

    Note: We strongly suggest you do your proper research before applying to any of these trucking companies or any other company if you are looking for a better and more promising career.

    1. CRST International

    It’s frustrating when upper management hovers over every little detail and makes you feel like you can’t make a move without their approval; that’s what people report for CRST international. Add to that, with the lack of clarity in agreements, contracts and the stagnant pay, and it’s no wonder employees feel stuck and exploited in CRST.

    1. Western Express

    A lot of owner-operators and drivers have a lot of bad experiences with Western Express. If you take a closer look at their history, you will likely come across many lawsuits filed against them because of their inadequate pay and poor, abusive work culture.

    1. Werner Enterprises

    The company does not communicate their plans properly to the employees and usually lies to its employees regarding legal policies and duty schedules. Most of the time, they do favoritism, discouraging the hardworking truckers and employees.

    More than 20% of the workers report that they offer lower pay, have poor management, and their upper management mistreats the new employees.

    1. CR England

    It’s not a secret that they’ve had their fair share of lawsuits, legal battles and negative attention their way. It’s pretty concerning to see their reviews, and many of their workers report an abusive, exploitative work culture and a lack of organization and management within their company.

    1. Schnider

    Many workers and truckers at Schneider feel undervalued and underappreciated just because of their lower pay structures in comparison with other, more prominent trucking companies. They are well-known for their micromanagement and over controlling approach towards the employees, which is frustrating and causes burnout.

    1. Swift International

    It’s unfortunate to hear that Swift International put their drivers in dangerous and illegal situations because of overworking them without good compensation. It is important to be cautious as you might end up working extended hours for inadequate pay, having to sleep in your truck, and constantly worrying about accidents


    The trucking industry is ever-evolving as rules and regulations can change or technologies can advance, but one thing remains constant:

    “The dedication and hard work of those who keep those wheels turning.”

    Now, in the end, as we’ve hit the road and navigated some highways and byways of this vast industry, we’ve learned that trucking is more than just a business; it is a lifeline between goods, markets and communities throughout the USA.

    We’ve also discovered about the trucking giants and their influence on the trucking landscape and the small but mighty operations that keep America moving forward.

    With this guide in hand, you can get valuable insights and information about the trucking industry, even for those considering a career in a trucking company.

    We are grateful to have taken this adventure with you. Stay safe out there and happy travels!


    It’s interesting to note that according to the US Department of Transportation, in 2023, there are almost 1 million For-hire carriers operating, 7250000+ private carriers, and more than 38000 interstate motor carriers working in the USA.

    Trucking companies, on average, can make a lot of money.  As for the private carriers, it’s around 5 million dollars a year, while for-hire carriers make roughly around $200,000 per year.

    If you’re an owner-operator, you can expect to make $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 a week.

    On top of that, if you are an investor, you can expect between $500 to $3000 weekly.

    These are some trucking-related non profit organizations working USA:

    • Trucker Buddy: They connect truckers with students to build educational relationships between them.
    • Truckers Christmas Group: They help trucking companies with compensation during in need, like during the holiday seasons.
    • Truckers Against Trafficking: They train truck drivers to combat human trafficking, helping law enforcement as well.
    • Operation Roger: These folks encourage truckers to transport lost pets to reunite them with the owners of pets.
    • St. Christopher Truckers Developments & Relief Fund: These people provide financial help to injured or ill drivers.

    If you’re an owner-operator, you can expect to make $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 a week.

    On top of that, if you are an investor, you can expect between $500 to $3000 weekly.

    These are some trucking associations with unique operations and benefits:

    • American Trucking Associations (ATA): ATA represents the trucking companies and the industry in legislative, regulatory as well as in legal efforts.
    • Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA): These people focus on reducing losses for motor carriers with the help of education and legal alliances.
    • The National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC): Their core focus is to support small trucking companies, and they emphasize regulatory compliance and the safety of truckers

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